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  1. Ranshid sagt:

    Thank you very must for managing my movement from India to Austria.
    Ranchid and Family

  2. U.Santner sagt:

    I know Ingrid quite a long time now and I have to say, that she supported me always in a very helpful and client focused way. She doesn’t just recommend me products and services I need but also explains me the usefullness of them.
    She made me experience that “what my client REALLY needs” is not just a slogan of hers but a real commitment to her clients.
    Talking about every day challenges with her is a real pleasure. She sets up meetings where we can put down different topics, priories them and then she gives advices what I can realize immediately .She also supports me by doing phone calls or accompanies me by official agendas.
    The professional support of Ingrid is a real good investment which I can recommend to everyone, not only expatriates in Austria. Thanks Ingrid for your great help.

  3. Douglas Lange sagt:

    Ingrid is amazing. What makes her amazing is her passion and desire to help people. She has incredible energy, is reliable, and has a never give up attitude. But for me, it’s her memory that is most impressive. Ingrid remembers everything!
    There are too many examples where Ingrid came to the rescue for me and my family – help buying a house, getting a loan, remodeling, auto issues, shopping, travel, dental and medical, just to name a few. Ingrid is very resourceful and always has a bright and sunny outlook. No problem is too big and she is always confident to tackle any issue, digging in to the details, and engaging in negotiations on behalf of her clients.
    I highly recommend Ingrid to anyone who needs support on „all things Austria“.

  4. Marie Lange sagt:

    Ingrid Krassnig is, in a word, Fantastic! There is no problem to big or too small for her to solve. She is an essential resource for making the transition to living here in Austria. Ingrid’s attention to detail and her enthusiastic energy are amazing. I highly recommend using her services.

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